Why BlackMagic.so needs so many permissions?

It's unfortunate and I wish there is another way, but this is a limitation from Twitter API.

Twitter does not allow developers to choose a granular permission control for their apps.


Twitter knows only three types of permissions

  1. Read
  2. Read & write
  3. Read, write & DM

BlackMagic.so only need the following permissions:

  1. Read your email address for authentication.
  2. Read your tweets and metrics for analytics.
  3. Post tweets/replies for you, schedule tweets/threads/retweets

However, when requesting the write permission, Twitter automatically includes other permissions that we don't need, but also cannot unselect.

You can read more about Twitters permission system here

All Twitter apps out there have this same problem

Yes, it's not only BlackMagic’s problem, and it's a sad fact, but every Twitter apps that need a write permission will also ask you for a tons of other permissions that they don't use and don't need.

We (the developers) have no choice.

It's a known issue

I contacted Twitter, and they are aware about this issue.

There is a plan to improve this in the future, you can see this task in their public roadmap here.


As soon as they release this, I will update it to Black Magic.

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