Tiny Little Dashboard (Hardware Project)

The hardware:

  • ESP-01S board (ESP8266). This is a very small board with Wifi capability and also can run MicroPython. I’m seriously impressed when I first learn about this board!
  • SSD1306 Oled Display 0.91 Inch. Also a small little screen.

To run the device

  • I setup the Wifi credentials by remote access to the ESP8266 and uploading the code. (webrepl need to be setup in advanced).
  • It runs on 3.3V.

Some modifications

The display and the board conveniently has the pins lined up pretty well (GND, VCC, SCL, SDA).

I soldered the 3V3 pin of the ESP-01S board with the GPIO2 so that I can connect the GPIO2 pin with the display’s VCC pin.

This helped to reduce the size of the final device a lot, which I find very satisfying!