The process to come up with product ideas

The process to come up with product ideas

This is one way to find a profitable product idea that fit you as the founder:

Step 1: Involve


Get exposed to problems. Get involved in the process.

Don't just “looking for ideas”, do something, and commit 100% into doing it.

“Something” here can be your day job, or build an audience on Twitter, or run a restaurant, or relocate to a country, or travel, etc.

While doing “the thing”, gather the community around it. If there is already an existing community, join them. Have friends, connect with more people in the community.

Step 2: Observe


Only when you do that, you'll get exposed to problems around the thing you do. The more you do it, the more insights you gain into the niche.

Don't jump on building right away when you find the first problem.

Collect ideas, many of them, take note, and observe more.

Step 3: Evaluate


Evaluate which idea is worth pursuing: – Which one interests you? – Which one makes you money? – Which one you have advantages to execute?

Spend 1 week to build a prototype or an MVP using spreadsheet, no-code tools, or just write code if you can do it fast. You now have a “product”.

Use the product by yourself for a while. Don’t force yourself to use it, but use it as you find it helpful. If you don’t use the product by yourself, nobody else will.

Then invite your friends, or the people in the community to use it.

Watch them use it (if possible), collect feedback, improve the product, repeat.

Step 4: Build


At some point, create a landing page to collect emails from people who interested, ask them to join beta test for a huge discount.

Now you will have: – A decent product idea – A working MVP that prove value – Some users – An email list

Things should take off from here!

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