Product-founder fit

Product-founder fit

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“Product-founder fit” is as important as product-market fit, especially for bootstrapped startups.

While there are many money-making startup ideas out there, finding one that fits you as the founder will give you significant advantages (motivation, insights, etc.)

I’m lucky enough to find 2 problems that I really love to solve, turn into 2 products that make enough money for me, and I use both products almost every single day.

If you take ideas from others without having the “feeling” from your own, the product will soon feel much like a job.

There isn't much of a problem with that, but if you work on something that feels like a job, and others are working on something they feel like play, then it'll be difficult for you to keep up.

So, if you are looking for ideas, you should start with yourself. Looks for problems you experience by yourself, find one that you can (and love) to solve, then turn it into a product.

I wrote a short post on this here, you may find it helpful.

Good luck!

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