My unfair advantages

This part is a part of another long post I wrote on Indie Hackers. I made this into a separate page so it's easier for me to link and share it to people.

It's unfair not to talk about my unfair advantages.

When I started the beta, I had ~14K followers or so. It definitely helped the momentum and the reach of my tweets. That's my first advantage.

My 2nd advantage: over the past 6 months, I gained a lot of free users for Black Magic, thanks to the fun-free stuff I made with Black Magic (profile progress bar, real-time banner, etc.).

To be exact, I had ~7,000 registered free accounts at the time. I think this is also a good strategy to get free users first, then offer paid product later.

I think many of them converted. I didn't have time to set up the conversion tracking so I can't know for sure.

For context, 8 months ago, I had ~200 Twitter followers, and 0 customers. If you want to learn how I managed to build these unfair advantages for myself, I'll write about it later in my personal newsletter.

Finally, my 3rd unfair advantage: I have been writing code for 13 years, 7 of those years, I freelanced, worked for startups, outsourcing companies, enterprises professionally.

Frontend, backend, devops, Android, iOS, desktop apps, games,... I have done it all, either at work, or on my past side projects.

To me, coding is the easy part. That's why I was able to ship features so fast.

Not everyone has these advantages like me, that's why I call them "unfair". I think unfair advantages is a crucial part of getting success! You should also find (or build) your own unfair advantages today!

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