I’m Disappointed with 1Password


...they decided to use Electron for their latest version. As a fan of native macOS apps, I’m sad, but I’m ok. I have to use a lot of Electron apps anyway, one more wouldn’t hurt.

Then, more recently,

...the Chrome extension stopped connecting to the native app randomly.


Happen a few times a month, I can’t unlock it with my fingerprint. I have no idea how it happen, and sometimes, it resolves itself.

Very annoying, but luckily it only happen a few times a month. I can live with that. Hopefully someone will report this issue and they’ll fix it soon.

And then, most recently, this:


For some reasons, it started to eat up all of my CPU.

Happened 2 times in a month now. When this happen, I literally can’t do anything else on my mac.

The only “fix” is to completely quit the Chrome browser. I had to do that today in the middle of a presentation in a meeting. That was very bad (hence this rant).

I want to be a good internet citizen, so I reached out to support. However, I have no doubt it’ll take them a few weeks to come to some meaningful resolutions.

I’m actively looking for alternatives.

Definitely not building my own password manager.

I wish Apple Keychain is better so I can switch to use it completely.