How I manage time and context switching while running multiple products

How I manage time and context switching while running multiple products

At the time of writing this, I running 3 products:

  • - A developer tool macOS app. Make $5,256 in the last 30d.
  • - A Twitter Analytics & CRM SaaS. Currently at $9,778 MRR.
  • - A screenshot app for macOS. Make $3,555 in the last 30d.

For a lot of people, running multiple product is distracting, but for me, I find it both helpful and fun. Here is how I do it:

1. Do what really matters

Having multiple products, a long backlog, and limited time forces me to think really hard (in the background) before coding.

This helps me make better decisions.

2. Break big tasks into small tasks

90% of the tasks I work on are built, tested, and deployed within less than a day.

I deploy to production almost every day.

This helps to switch between projects on any day of the week easily.


3. Move slowly

I don't have deadlines.

I don't share a public roadmap.

I strictly never make any promise to the customer about ETA.

For a bootstrapped, profitable business like mine, time is an ally.

So, it's ok to move slowly for one or all projects (and enjoy life instead)

4. Think about diversifying

My life objective "diversifying everything" encourages me to work on multiple projects.

It's sad, but most indie projects fail.

Having multiple products gives me the confidence if a product dies (either by the market or by accident), I'll be fine.

5. Dogfooding

I use all of my products every day.

It's the number 1 source of motivation to continue working on the products, or just to push out a new update.

Also, because of this, I often find bugs before the customers do, so that's even better.

6. Automation

I try to automate everything that can possibly be automated. Especially around customer support.


  • self-refund, no question asked
  • a lot of FAQs
  • add tips and GIFs around the app UI
  • "rule of two": when the 2nd cus ask for st, I'll try to automate it.

Is this sustainable?

Will I be able to run multiple products like this forever? Or will I fallback to focus 100% on one single product?

I have no idea. Time will tell I guess. But for now, I feel pretty comfortable and loving this.

I hope this post has been helpful for you!

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