Here are things people ask me the most in my DM:

Here are things people ask me the most in my DM:

I receive a lot of messages and can't respond to all. Instead, here are some of my common answers that I think will help you.

Questions about me or my products

99% of the time, the answer to your question are available in one of the following links:

Questions about coding, technical related

I encourage you to post your question to Stack Overflow. If you do so and send me the link, it's more likely that I will take a look and answer you there.

Asking for advice, consult, mentor, coaching, sharing experience, figuring out stuff, etc.

I encourage you to use Google first. It's one of the most essential skills to find your answers on the internet that everyone should learn.

If you prefer to have a personalized, private consultation/advice/mentor/coaching, you can book a paid session with me here:

Consultation Session with Tony

Invitations to interviews, podcasts, join a community

I will consider your request. If I don't respond after 72 hours, that means I'm not interested. Sorry!

Help promote products, retweets, upvotes, etc.

If we don't know each other and I don't know about your product, I can't help you with that. Sorry.

Provide feedback for your product

You should ask your customer to provide feedback. 99.99% of the time, I'm not your customer, and my feedback is not going to help.

Hire me/Collaborate with me

I am a terrible person to collaborate with, and I prefer to work alone.

I'm not looking for a job or any freelancing work (hopefully ever again).


For partnership and promotion offers, please see the contact below:

  • Email:

Please include “[Partner with Tony]” in the title, so I know you’re not a robot.

Still want to reach me?

If you are serious about contacting me, I have a paid consultation program where you can book a video call session with me. Check it in the link below:

Consultation Session with Tony

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Hello there, I'm Tony Dinh.


I quit my high paying job to work on my side projects with a mission to make a living from my apps and live an independent life. 🌴

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