FAQs I received about Black Magic

FAQs I received about Black Magic

How do you get through Twitter’s API limitations?

I don't 😄

Everything is Black Magic does is well under Twitter’s rate limits.

If you have any specific question about the limits, feel free to join the Twitter Makers Slack community, I'm happy to help there!

Which API version are you using?

Both V1 and V2. I also have the Elevated Access. You can apply for Elevated Access for free too.

How can you afford to build the app for so many platforms?

Black Magic is available on

  • Chrome Extension
  • Firefox Extension
  • Safari Extension
  • iOS app
  • Android app

It's possible because I reuse most of the code (JavaScript) on all platforms, with just a little bit of custom logic on each.

You can also see that the UI on all platforms are similar, that's because I reuse it.

What's the benefit of the mobile apps if it's just a webview?

So it is possible to view analytics on mobile.

The share extension is also an important part of thr native apps. It allows you to share a tweet to the app and view its detailed analysis.

How did you get Apple approved the iOS app/Safari extension without using their in-app purchase?

I only offer the free version of the app for users from iOS/Safari (very limited features, but still useful).

It is not possible to buy anything if you are a user from iOS or Safari. You can only use the free version. And there is nothing to promo any paid subscription or link to the pricing page in the app.

However, if you are already a paid user (from Chrome for example), you can unlock the paid features from the iOS and Safari app.

I still don't know if this is 100% align with the Apple policy, but Apple reviewers let me through.

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