Are my products for sale?

Looking to buy DevUtils.app or BlackMagic.so?

The short answer is no

But I really appreciate your interest! 🙏

I’m not looking to sell any of those. The reason is that right now all of my products are profitable, I love working on them, I use them everyday by myself, they brings me money every month, and I’m happy.

Also, I don’t really have a good use for a big pile of cash at the moment.

However, everything has a price

If for some reasons, you really want to buy my products, the price is $1 million USD for each product, in cash, before tax. Then we’ll discuss the terms.


This price is no mean to be the actual valuation of the project and have very little to do with the revenue and profitability of the projects.

Some people get offended when I say the price without context, so that’s why I write this page.

You are not buying the products, you are buying my happiness of having a purpose in life. And right now, it’s worth $1M (only half-joking 😂).

Reach out

Ready to spend $1M? Reach out to me on “tony at devutils.app“ or “tony at blackmagic.so“. Cheers!

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Hello there, I'm Tony Dinh.


I quit my high paying job to work on my side projects with a mission to make a living from my apps and live an independent life. 🌴

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