Tony’s Notes
Tony’s Notes

Tony’s Notes

Hello there, I'm Tony Dinh. 👋

I quit my high paying job to work on my side projects with a mission to make a living from my apps and live an independent life. 🌴


Consultation Session with Tony
Here are things people ask me the most in my DM:
How I record videos with zoom effect
What is my tech stack? And Why.
Why needs so many permissions?
How do I make those fancy screenshots?
Every pricing page should have GIFs (and how to make them)
Compress muted videos by ~90%!
My Product Hunt Tips
Set a default welcome message in Twitter DM
Software I Love
Two lines of CSS that will improve HN on mobile (IMO)
How to embed an email subscribe form in your Notion page.
FAQs I received about Black Magic
My unfair advantages
Articles about me
My long articles
Affiliate with me
Why I use Paddle instead of Stripe
I made a self-destructing tweet
Tools and services I use for
Resize a video to 16:9 with ffmpeg without stretching the original video
How did I grow my Twitter account to 30K followers?
I’m Disappointed with 1Password
The process to come up with product ideas
Product-founder fit
Thank you for letting me know :)
Looking for content writer/technical writer
How I manage time and context switching while running multiple products
Xnapper’s Launch Report: $4,212 + Learnings
Building multiple products as an indie hacker.
Tiny Little Dashboard (Hardware Project)